Not All Coconut Oil is Created Equal for Teeth Whitening

Greensations makes the world's first and only true commercial Coconut Oil toothpaste using the finest organic virgin coconut oil with baking soda and organic spearmint oil. Thanks to our success, copycats have started coming out with so-called coconut oil toothpaste that is truly a fake. They used fractionated coconut oil which does not have the lauric acid and other compounds that are found in virgin unrefined coconut oil. Hence, these fake coconut oil toothpastes do not contain the proven ingredients that fight tooth decay and gum disease. Only virgin coconut oil can do that - so know what you're buying and don't fall for the coconut oil frauds. Whether you're brushing your teeth or oil pulling - make it yourself or buy Cocodent at www.CocodentToothpaste.com


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