Best Small Business Store Locator Software for Online Sellers

Our company, Greensations makes 25 different natural health and beauty products, but when one of our brands ended up in Ace Hardware stores across the country, we needed to find a way to implement a store locator that could be easily updated as new stores were added. 

Sinus Plumber is a hot pepper horseradish nasal spray that's been a big seller for a since 2013. The brand was recently added to the warehouses of Ace Hardware that distributes to nearly 5000 stores across the country and it’s a big break for Sinus Plumber. Since Ace Hardware is a co-op, individual stores are not obligated to order the product, but once it's in the warehouses they order like crazy.

 As a small company, our goal is to support our retailers via social media via web, mobile and traditional media. Within a month of having Sinus Plumber in all ACE warehouses, we’ve landed more than 100 stores across the country. While this is a great thing for our company, it requires us to implement a modern store locator that works on all internet platforms. After researching many applications to add to our websites, we found Store Locator Pro to be the best. We did the free each one month trial, which will end up being $30 a month for up to 1000 stores and it's worth every penny! 

Other store location services we tried were a little too complicated for an idiot like myself. This application was pretty straightforward - even with a limited knowledge of Microsoft Excel. Most store locator services need the same information in an excel document, but it’s the easy directions of Store Locator Pro that set it apart. I uploaded my first list of stores after about 30 minutes of editing. 

I previewed the store finder with the click of a button and suddenly, I had over 100 Ace Hardware stores listed on my website with direct links to each store across the country. Since we’re getting an average of 1.6 new Ace Hardware stores every day, this store finder application allows us to easily update the store finder on a regular basis.

For our company, it's a little more complicated than most because we make so many different products under different brand names. Most companies would need only one store locator, but we need multiple accounts. Our initial “test” using the Sinus Plumber brand has been a big success, but it has proven that we’ll have to add multiple store locators for our other products as well.

For instance, we have products that are chain specific such as Sinus Plumber in hundreds of Ace Hardware stores, or Acne Killer in 130 Price Chopper stores. They cannot both be on the same store locator – so we will have two accounts, one for each brand. Store Locator Pro enables us to create “product specific” store finders for only $30 each per month – per product up to 1,000 stores. This way our customers find the product they want at the right store and there are different payment plans allowing from 100 up to unlimited stores.

The maps link to Google pages and other online information including store websites, phone numbers and whatever information is available online. If we had to pay a programmer to implement this store finder on our website, it would cost tens of thousands of dollars. Instead we can do it all for $30 a month with Store Locator Pro available at www.storelocatorwidgets.com.

Normally we don't like to pass moneymaking information onto our competitors, but this service is so great for all small business owners who operate online. If a few of our competitors read this… So be it, but the rest of you small businesses will really love this service. Our company has not been reimbursed in any way for this review.


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