Remineralize Teeth With Coconut and Chocolate

Thanks to the success of our Cocodent Coconut Oil Toothpaste, we've finally introduced the world’s first Coconut Oil Tooth Spray. It uses the antibacterial power of coconut oil and the remineralizing power of pure Cacao extract to clean, whiten and strengthen teeth naturally. 

The active ingredient in Cacao extract (Cocoa extract) is Theobromine, a natural chemical that has been clinically proven to remineralize teeth without the side effects of Fluoride. This natural tooth spray also contains Slippery Elm extract, Sea Salt and Peppermint oil to promote healthy saliva and a clean mouth. Instant results are guaranteed. 

Just a few sprays will clean, brighten and strengthen teeth while freshening breath and preventing dry mouth. Cocodent Coconut Oil Tooth Spray also flushes out food particles and reduces tarter when used as directed. Check it out at www.BuyCoconutOilToothpaste.com

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