2015 Spring Allergy Season Worse Thanks To Climate Change

America is finally coming off one of the coldest and snowiest winters on record, but as warm weather rolls in – so does that dreaded pollen. Doctors are warning that the 2015 spring allergy season is likely to be worse than 2014. 

Pollination typically begins in late February. Since intermittent cold weather is expected to last well into April, consistent spring weather will be (6-8 weeks) late in most of the United States.

While you may think a late spring can shorten the allergy season, it actually pushes it into the summer allergy season without a break. Also the late warm weather triggers a huge pollen release that hits everyone with a giant dose of allergies. 

The only way to combat the new allergy season is to start cleansing your sinuses before the weather turns warm. Now is the time to start daily nasal rinsing with salt water and a neti pot to keep your sinuses running smooth. You should also start using Sinus plumber horseradish hot pepper nasal spray to keep the nerve fibers in your nasal cavities on guard against allergy attacks. 

The combination of salt water nasal rinsing and horseradish pepper nasal spray will help prevent and relieve allergy symptoms all season long without the side effects of traditional OTC and prescription sinus allergy medications.

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  1. I snort cayenne pepper every spring and it keeps me clear. I'm not a big fan of nasal rinsing, but sinus plumber sounds interesting.