New Argan Oil Coconut Water Earthworm Serum Skin Moisturizing Spray

We just launched the first ever spray on skin moisturizer that doesn't block pores and isn't greasy. Skin Fixer is essentially food for the skin featuring Coconut Endosperm, Argan oil and Earthworm Casting serum. This all natural formula tightens lines, moisturizes skin, replenishes elasticity and fights acne.

This natural skin spray delivers important electrolytes and nutrients directly into the epidermis to promote healthy youthful skin. It also balances PH and moisturizes without blocking pores while promoting natural collagen and elastin production.

Users experience renewed glow, softness and toning with the very first application. Skin Fixer also prevents and relieves blemishes without the side effects of traditional acne medications. This spray moisturizes skin while cleansing pores and tightening lines. Find out more about Skin Fixer Argan Oil Coconut Skin Spray at www.Greensations.com.

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