Most folks in our neck of the woods (upstate New York), haven't heard of Michael Berry yet, but they damn sure well in the coming months. This guy is incredible and his little radio show from Texas is the most innovative thing to happen in terrestrial radio since Howard Stern's moved to Sirius.

On Friday, Michael actually toasted small business owners - REAL small business owners. I know most of you think everybody in media boasts about small business owners, but that's all bullshit. The media and the government both think of small business as companies with 100 plus employees, but in truth - a real American small business has less than 20 employees and it's these businesses that create 60 percent of jobs. Some examples are gas stations, gun stores, convenience stores, hardware stores, liquor stores, contractors and diners.

I called Michaels' show last friday to talk about Obamacare and how it's helped our natural alternative medicine business to gain new customers including consumers and doctors. Michael actually let me plug one of our most popular products and the response from his listeners has been incredible. We got dozens of orders from his listeners and they are the best people we've ever dealt with. Michaels' listeners are the "Salt of the Earth". They are real people living real lives and they are the most honest and hard working Americans we've ever dealt with.

So we just wanted to thank Michael and his staff for the free plugs and we hope to be able to advertise with his show in 2014. Michael Berry listeners are the kind of customers we want for our business because they are real people making a REAL difference for the growth of America.

With this blog post, we just wanted to say thanks to Michael and all his listeners. You guys and girls are the BEST! Thanks for your support of our small business and thanks for being our fellow Americans up here in Libtard New York.

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  1. I love Michael Berry. He's a good ole boy with an education! Love your Greensations products too!

  2. Michael Berry KICKS ASS!

  3. Tried Sinus Plumber and I LOVE IT! Thanks Michael!!!!!

  4. I love Michael Berry! I love Sinus Plumber too. Michael said homeopathic stuff is illegal in Texas, but I bought Sinus Plumber at Vitamin World in the Irving TEXAS Mall. If it's illegal then they can arrest me for buying it because it's the best nasal spray in the world!