The Potential Causes of Autism in America

My son was diagnosed with Autism at 2 years old and ever since then I have been searching for answers. As a natural pharmaceutical developer, I have turned my attention to Autism. I have researched every bit of information I could find to try an discover answer to this under-reported plague.
One in every 88 kids born in America are diagnosed with Autism as of 2012, yet none of our politicians are talking about it and it seems as if the medical establishment is largely ignoring it. So aside from giving my son all the therapies available, I am also on a personal quest to find the answers to treatments and prevention of Autism Spectrum Disorder. As my research continues, I will keep everyone in the loop via this blog.

So let’s begin with my theory of the potential causations of Autism:
I believe Autism disorders are caused by either (or a combination of) these six things:
1: Wifi (especially when mother is pregnant) including internet & cell phones.
2: Preservatives and dyes in common foods.
3: Lime Disease (or antibodies of) passed from the mother to child.
4: Preservatives and other chemicals in women's personal care products.
5: Chemical leaching from plastic containers - food & personal care products.
6: Chemicals ingested by mother and child through the water supplies.

I have much more to come soon, but please contact me with your comments and questions....

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  1. Great advice. Autism is a plague and we need to find out why! I think you're onto something. I hope your son is doing well.

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  3. My son has autism and I have often wondered about wifi and microwaves. We went to wired in internet before my second son was born and he does not have autism. It does make you wonder.