Itchy Balls Endorsed by Dr. Harry Fisch on SiriusXM Channel Stern 101

The Greensations order fulfillment department notified me the other day about a sudden spike in sales for our latest and possibly strangest product - Itchy Balls Hot Pepper Jock Itch Spray.

In a 24 hour period, Itchy Balls went from #50 on Amazon to the top 10. At one point it ranked as high as number 2 in sales for all jock itch treatments. Itchy Balls has been a top seller since we introduced in in September, but this sales spike was different!

So we researched Itchy Balls on the web and found out it was talked about on the Dr. Harry Fisch Show, aired on SiriusXM Channel 101, aka Stern101. It’s the sister of satellite's most popular channel Stern100, home of the king himself – Howard Stern.

It turned out that one of our customers called in to ask if Itchy Balls was safe and he touted how well it works. During the segment, Dr. Harry Fisch said he heard of Itchy Balls, and he advised that our hot pepper spray was safe and effective.

“I’ve heard of it and I know alot of people are buying it. It’s amazing. It’s got pepper but not a lot and it works. It’s absolutely safe”, said Dr. Fisch.

Learn more about Itchy Balls at www.StopItchyBalls.com or www.Greensations.com


  1. Itchy Balls is funny but I know it works because I tried it after hearing about it on the Dr. Fisch and Shuli sirius show. I bought it on Amazon and it worked right away. Stern Rocks!

  2. Replies
    1. It burns a little at first ONLY if you've been scratching yourself raw, but it also heals it right away. And it prevents the dreaded jock itch from coming back.

  3. Itchy Balls works. Thanks Dr Fish...

  4. Great products. Heard about it on the Dr. Fish Show with Shuli.