Aromatherapy Study for Autism Spectrum Disorder

One in 80 American kids are born with Autism and the statistics are even more alarming for American boys with a one in 55 ratio. And these stats are basically the same throughout the world. So whats causing this? What's making our babies sick? That;s the burning question.

As the parent of a toddler who's been diagnosed with Autism, it's become my life's work to figure out ways to help him overcome this affliction. As a natural product developer, I have put my expertise to work in hopes of finding alternative therapies that may help reduce symptoms associated with people on the Autism Spectrum.

One of the most promising therapies I've encountered is aromatherapy. While the use of therapeutic essential oils has been promoted for centuries, the western world has only just begun to investigate their usefulness in treating a variety of mental and physical conditions.For Autism, there have been several small studies using kids between (7 -12 years of age), those studies show a definite positive response to therapeutic essential oil therapy.

Our company is presently working to fund as clinical trial using therapeutic essential oils to relieve certain symptoms of Autism such as anxiety, sensory overload and speech disorder. We have developed a nasal inhaler using a specific combination of therapeutic essential oils used in previous studies that's safe for kids of all ages. in addition, we are not looking to develop a product for profit. Instead, we want to develop a product that can be distributed FREE to people diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder around the world.

Unfortunately we must complete a clinical trial to make this dream come true and we need to raise capital to make it happen. The plan is to raise $250,000 to get the first clinical trial completed, but we need all the help we can get to accomplish this huge task. Aside from accepting donations for our planned study through crowd funding and other solicitations, we are also committing 10% of our Greensations sales proceeds to this project. If you're interested in donating to our fund, please contact us:
Office: 518-512-3823
Email: Customerservice@Greensations.com

Or just order products at www.Greensations.com and 10% will go to our Autism Trial Fund.


  1. My son was diagnosed at 4 years of age and he's now 10 years. it;s been a hard road and we're always looking for new therapies. We have tried aromatherapy and it has helped to some extent, but i agree there needs to be more studies. I am donating and buying some of your products.

  2. I've read about this. Aromatherapy could definitely help in my opinion. You need to find out for sure and you've got my support.