Caspaicin - The Overlooked Cure For Chronic Itching

In 2010, Greensations launched the world's first line of hot pepper anti-itch products. Although many studies have shown that capsaicin stops itching instantly, the pharmaceutical industry has ignored this natural cure because they cannot make enough profit on it. Pharmaceutical companies only want products that can be patented and held at a high price. Natural ingredient formulations can be patented, but they cannot be exclusive since nature holds the original patent.

When it comes to itching, pharmaceutical companies continue to rely on old fashioned dangerous chemicals such as steroids and numbing agents. Unfortunately, these chemicals never provide complete relief and they damage skin over time. Yet Big Pharma constantly invests tax payer money in finding a cure for chronic itching while they already know there's a cure that has been proven to work. The secret is capsaicin (hot pepper extract), and Greensations is the first and only company to use it as an active anti-itch ingredient.

At Greensations, we've developed a line of capsaicin anti-itch products designed for specific parts of the body such as the skin, scalp, feet and even a jock itch spray. Learn more about our capsaicin (hot pepper) anti-itch products at our official website.


  1. Hot pepper definitely works for itching. It's miraculous for sure.

    1. Yes it does. It's hard to believe how good it works.