Itchy Balls Hot Pepper Jock Itch Spray for Men

Itchy Balls may have a funny name, but it’s designed for a serious problem that drives millions of men crazy. While there are many OTC products for Jock Itch, most use chemicals and drugs that mask symptoms without getting to the root of the problem. Itchy Balls jock spray uses the power of hot peppers to instantly relieve itching and promote healing with no chemicals or drugs.

Jock Itch is a common condition that causes itching and irritation under the scrotum and around the general groin area. Men are more likely to get jock itch than women because of skin folds around the groin, making them more vulnerable to irritation and infections. Other factors include sweating, poor hygiene, tight underwear and being overweight.

While hot pepper jock spray seems like a silly idea, the manufacturer says it’s backed by serious science surrounding the active component of hot peppers, known as Capsaicin.

“Capsaicin has been clinically proven to reduce itching using high potency capsaicin creams, but we’ve come up with a novel way to deliver small doses of capsaicin in a natural herbal formula. It does have a little heat to it, but nothing most guys can’t handle. Customers love it,” says Wayne Perry, Founder of GSC Products, the company behind Itchy Balls.

What About The Burn?
While capsaicin does create a mild burning sensation, the heat subsides in seconds to deliver soothing relief that lasts all day. Itchy Balls also contains green tea, jewelweed, spearmint and black walnut to boost its anti-fungal performance. The formula also uses caffeine to create super absorption through the skin and reduce excess moisture from sweating. GSC Products guarantees that Itchy Balls will stop itching in less than 60 seconds for most users.

GSC Products, aka Greensations has been using capsaicin anti-itch technology since 2010 in their well- known ThermaSkin and ThermaScalp brands. Both products use hot pepper extract to fight itching and irritation for a variety of common skin conditions. Itchy Balls is the company’s first entry into the men’s personal care market and it’s grabbing lots of attention thanks to some odd ingredients and an equally odd name.

Samples are available for qualified media, retail and healthcare professionals upon request.


  1. This shit works! WOW! I am shocked how well Itchy Balls really works.

  2. I love this product. No more Gold Bond.

  3. The manufacturer says it’s backed by serious science surrounding the active component of hot peppers.Wildfire Pepper Spray