How To Get Rid of Acne For Good

1 out of 4 people have problems with acne. Some have chronic breakouts and others have occasional bouts, but they all have one thing in common - TOO MANY CHEMICALS!

If you want to get rid of acne, you have to start by getting rid of the chemicals and medicines you've been using. Most mainstream products use the active ingredients Benzoyl Peroxide or Salicylic Acid. Some products combine both ingredients. These two ingredients definitely get rid of acne for most people by drying up the pores and killing acne related bacteria. Famous products such as Proactiv, Clearasil and Murad use these ingredients. While these ingredients work at first, they end up making skin problems worse for most people because they damage skin and create rebound effects that promote breakouts. The first step to stopping acne is to stop using these types of products at least for a while. Some people need to use Benzoyl Peroxide and Salicylic Acid, but you shouldn't use them more than once a week... and never if you can help it.
  1. Stop using your acne products immediately for a two week trial period
  2. Switch to Acne Killer black soap body wash as a daily cleanser.
  3. Use Acne Killer skin spray as a daily toner.
  4. Stop drinking too much caffeine! It's good for skin used topically, but causes acne when ingested.
  5. Stop using moisturizing lotions and switch to either raw herbal butters or plain yogurt facials.
  6. For super oily skin - use a clay mask (No More Than) once a week to detox your pores.
While everyone has different issues depending on the type of acne they have, more than half the people who try this routine will get rid of their acne for good. You may still have an occasional breakout due to environmental or hormonal conditions. In those cases, you can turn to other products as needed, but stick to your routine.

Acne Killer products use proven ingredients like African Black Soap and Witch Hazel with the added natural power of Green Tea, Tea Tree, Vinegar, Horseradish, Pro-vitamins and Anti-oxidants. 

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  1. Great advice. I have used african black soap for years with great results, but since I tried acne killer - my pimples are nothing but a memory. THX!

  2. Thanks Margie. Acne Killer is definitely a big hit for us because it works.

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