Cure For Chronic Itching Related To Kidney Disease

The National Kidney Foundation estimates that 35 million Americans suffer from chronic kidney disease. Early symptoms are usually subtle, so most people don't know something is wrong until kidney failure sets in. The only sure way to diagnose kidney disease is with blood and urine tests, but there are a few symptoms that act as tell tale signs of emerging problems. Aside from changes in urination and fluid retention, most kidney patients complain of severe itching. In fact, the itching is so bad that it's comparable to poison ivy exposure.

Kidneys filter blood to remove excess waste and water, but when they stop working, uremic toxins build up to wreak havoc on the entire body. As unfiltered waste builds up in the body, the immune system reacts by triggering nerve responses that cause itching. The severity of itching increases as the condition worsens, particularly in the days before and after dialysis treatments. Known as Uremic Pruritus, this chronic itching is a debilitating problem for most kidney patients.

The National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases recommends capsaicin, (hot pepper extract) as an effective treatment to relieve chronic itching, but capsaicin creams are meant to relieve pain and they tend to be extremely hot. Basically, capsaicin pain creams are too potent for daily itch treatments, but GSC Products has come up with a revolutionary capsaicin skin spray that targets itching without any burn.

ThermaSkin is an all natural spray formulated with capsaicin and other herbals to help increase topical blood flow and desensitize nerve fibers. Although ThermaSkin contains hot pepper extract, the dosage is so small that there is no burning sensation. ThermaSkin works by switching off the body’s itch mechanism thanks to the capsaicin. ThermaSkin also contains high amounts of caffeine which increases topical absorption and allows the capsaicin to provide instant relief in small doses that will not cause the burning sensation of pepper based pain creams.

GSC Products is presently seeking medical researchers to conduct a clinical study using ThermaSkin spray with kidney patients suffering from Uremic Pruritus. Interested participants should contact GSC Products directly through the contact information at http://www.Greensations.com


  1. I've heard of thermaskin before but have not tried it. I have kidney disease (first stages) and itching has been a huge problem already. I know several people who swear by thermaskin and i am going to try it.

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  3. It works!!! Yeah it works!!!! My daily itch is finally gone!!! Thx....