Helping America's Kids

With tough times upon us in 2013, many people in need are suffering more than ever. As a company, we have decided to use our website traffic to give back to our fellow humans and animals by featuring deserving charities on www.Greensations.com. As of January 2013, Greensations is regularly featuring various charity projects that your deserve attention. To donate to any of our featured charities, just follow the links provided. In addition, we are allocating 10% of our gross sales to a our "Featured Charity of the Month".

Our very first "Charity of the Month" is for the Goodyear Lake Polar Bear Jump in upstate New York. Sponsors jump in the freezing cold Catskill waters of Goodyear Lake to raise money for kids who are suffering from life threatening medical problems. The Goodyear Lake Polar Bear Jump was brought to my attention by the father of a little girl who has suffered so much more than you could ever imagine. Her dad is an incredibly hard working young man with 5 kids and a heart of gold. His family has it hard to begin with, but the medical circumstances of little Harper have taxed his family beyond words. Harper needs your help and she deserves a chance to have a happy and productive life. So please give what you can to help Harper and the other kids who will benefit from this years' Goodyear Lake Polar bear Jump.

Here's Baby Harper's Story:

Harper was born on August 2, 2012 after a long and difficult pregnancy. Her parents, Justin and Stephanie Valk were told that she had less than 10% chance of survival, due to an extremely rare and complex heart disorder called Ebstein's Anomaly & pulmonary atresia. Harper was born in Boston and was immediately rushed to Boston's Children Hospital, where she would under go open heart surgery and spend the first 4 months of her life.

Since her birth geneticists have diagnosed Harper with Charge Syndrome, which is a genetic disorder that involves grouping several genetic anomalies that affect each child in similar ways. Harper has a cleft palate, heart defect, facial skin tags, facial palsy, severe scoliosis, and she is profoundly deaf. These are all part of the charge syndrome.

Harper has already had 5 surgeries including open heart surgery. She is going to need her cleft palate repaired, and spine surgery within the next year. All this on top of seeing multiple specialists and therapies. Harper is the youngest of 5 children and caring for her is a full time job that no one gets paid for.....except with smiles! The money raised will greatly help this family care for her and their future expenses for upcoming surgeries and treatments. Read More....

Donate to the Polar Bear Jump at this link and help all the kids....

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