Dangerous Chemicals From Plastic Nasal Bottles

Did you know that many dangerous chemicals leach through the plastic used to make nasal spray bottles? These chemicals enter your nose and end up in the central nervous system. Studies show that leaching chemicals from plastic nasal spray bottles is widespread and potentially dangerous. The problem is that over the counter nasal sprays (including natural ones) are packaged in plastic because it's light and cheap. It all comes down to profits and corporate greed.

Most Americans report using nasal sprays at least once each year for various sinus problems, but aside from a couple prescription medications, OTC nasal sprays are packaged in plastic bottles. This creates a potentially huge health hazard that hasn’t yet been addressed by the FDA. While new standards have been set in place for a variety of plastic products from baby bottles to bottled water, government regulations have yet to include perhaps the most potentially harmful plastic containers of all – nasal spray bottles.

While the contents of most ingested products are destined for oral consumption and have to pass through the body’s organs before entering the central nervous system, nasal sprays send ingredients directly through the blood-brain barrier and into the CNS. This instant delivery method also allows small amounts of potentially harmful chemicals to enter the body without any filtering and thus the chemicals used to manufacture plastic bottles, are immediately injected into nasal spray users. Since no studies have been performed on plastic nasal spray leaching, there’s no guide to show just how much damage is being done with every snort.

According to Wayne Perry, CEO of GSC Products, the nasal spray industry needs to step up and perform their own studies to prove if plastic bottles are safe for nasal spray usage.

“We manufacture three natural nasal sprays. Two are supplements and one is a sinus remedy. Even though the cost is way more, we use glass bottles because we don’t want to take any chances. Our tests show plastic bottles give off an added aroma not found with glass. Our only conclusion is that it has to be from chemical leaching. Any nasal solution we’ve tested from glass bottles gives off a much fresher and more potent sensation when compared to plastic. There’s definitely something happening when you package a nasal spray solution in plastic and it’s not good. The reason companies use plastic over glass is simple….Plastic is way cheaper,” says Perry.

Plastic nasal spray bottles are 75% cheaper than glass on the wholesale market and they’re easier to come by. In addition, shipping the final product in glass is 50% more expensive over plastic, and the manufacturer also has to deal with potential breakage. As more studies prove that plastic bottles promote chemical leaching, the FDA is sure to investigate the potential hazards of ingested products including nasal sprays.

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  1. I noticed a metallic smell after sinus buster went from glass to plastic bottles. Is this leaching? Is Sinus Plumber better?

  2. Plumber is the best. I have used sinus buster, sinol and sinus wars but none of them even compare to Sinus Plumber. The horseradish and wintergreen are the definite difference.

  3. Yes! PLUMBER IS THE BEST! It does burn for a few seconds but man it works. Just tried the new mouth spray for colds. It stopped my sore throat better than sucrets and chloraseptic.

  4. Sinus Plumber is way better than sinus buster pepper nasal spray. It keeps my nose clear for hours and I like the wintergreen flavor. www.SinusPlumber.com