The issue of Gluten in beauty products is a big one because people who are sensitive to gluten can have reactions to topical products. Gluten is hidden in many ingredients that consumers would never think of. In particular, the majority of wrinkle serums use some sort of binder ingredient that contains gluten. All the big brands like Roc, Olay, Garnier, Neutrogena, Pericone, Kinerase use gluten ingredients in many of their products.

Tips For Finding Hidden Gluten In Skincare Products:
Look for descriptions such as fermented grain extract, hydrolized wheat starch, hydrolized wheat gluten, amp-isostearoyl hydrolized wheat protein, wheat amino acids, triticum vulgare (wheat) gluten extract/water, wheat germ oil, wheat germ glycerides an vitamin e derived from wheat germ oil. Glutens can also be found in oat products, such as oat (avena sativa) bran, protein, flour and bran extract. Rye, millet and barley products in your cosmetics can also cause health issues.

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  1. Never thought about gluten in skin products. Thx.