8 Bizarre Hollywood Beauty Secrets 

May 4,2012 - Our Fresh Beauty Market Wrinkle Butter was featured by Shape Magazine online in an article on the top  the strangest beauty secrets used by Hollywood stars. Read the article here.

Wrinkle Butter is the worlds' first skin cream made with an exclusive extract derived from earthworm castings (poop) and it's being touted as an all around skin fixer that reduces wrinkles, reverses environmental damage and relieves eczema and psoriasis.

No - it doesn't smell like poop! Earthworm castings are essentially super rich soil that is filled with more anti-aging and anti-inflammatory compounds than the most expensive anti-aging products. Read more about our earthworm Wrinkle Butter.

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  1. I LUV the earthworm poop wrinkle butter!!! Glad i saw it on The Doctors Show!!!