Sinus Plumber horseradish pepper nasal spray is an instant hit with sinus, allergy and headache sufferers around the world. Created by the inventor of Sinus Buster, the worlds' first hot pepper nasal spray - Sinus Plumber is a supercharged capsaicin (pepper) nasal spray that includes the medicinal power of horseradish tincture and wintergreen oil for the ultimate sinus cleansing experience.

Acording to its' inventor Wayne Perry (Father of capsaicin nasal sprays), Sinus Plumber takes the concept of pepper nasal spray to the next level for natural sinus, allergy and headaches relief.

"I'm shocked by the effectiveness of this new formula. It's the best nasal spray I've ever created as a sinus and headache remedy. Sinus Buster was great, but Sinus Plumber is the BOMB!", says Perry.

Sinus Plumber uses the extra power of horseradish and wintergreen to relieve pressure, pain and congestion for many more hours than plain pepper nasal sprays can. This "one of a kind" nasal spray works faster and better than any other nasal spray in the world and the makers guarantee it!

GSC Products, makers of Sinus Plumber are issuing an open challenge to any other nasal spray in the world to compete in a "head to head" consumer test to find the best nasal spray in the world. The only stipulation is the opposing company must pay for the independent test, but all findings would be public information - regardless of the outcome.

"We'll take on any nasal spray and we will always win! Sinus Plumber will one day become known as the greatest nasal spray in the world the same way the Rolling Stones are known as the greatest Rock n Roll band in the world. Sinus Plumber is the Rolling Stones of nasal sprays," says Perry.

     About the inventor of Pepper Nasal Sprays:

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  1. Is sinus plumber better than sinus buster? I haven't tried it yet but I just ordered some. I've been using buster for a long time and I like it alot but it doesn't seem the same starting a couple years ago. Did they change something in the recipe?
    I'm excited to try the new horseradish pepper spray.