Our Fresh Beauty Market brand Earthworm Wrinkle Butter was featured once again on The Doctors TV Show yesterday ad the latest Hollywood celebrity beauty secret. Celebrities like Courtney Cox and Jennifer Lopez are adding earthworm poop to their daily beauty regimens. Until recently, this exclusive earthworm butter was only available through treatments at expensive spas, but now it's available to consumers everywhere for an MSRP of only $29.99.

Not only is this Earthworm Wrinkle Butter one of the greatest anti-wrinkle creams ever, but it gets rid of eczema and psoriasis symptoms almost overnight. It's really that good! The main active ingredient is our exclusive earthworm casting (aka earthworm poop) extract that instantly begins healing skin upon the very first use. This butter also contains capsaicin and caffeine to increase topical blood flow and absorption.

GSC Products has a pending patent on the use of earthworm casting extract for skincare and more. The medical community is really starting to believe in the power of earthworm poop for healing many topical conditions. You can find out more at www.FreshBeautySkincare.com and www.Greensations.com.


  1. I LUV the earthworm poop wrinkle butter!!! Glad i saw it on The Doctors Show!!!

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