GSC Products proudly announces the launch of SINUS PLUMBER nasal spray - made with Horseradish and Cayenne Pepper. Sinus Plumber is the worlds' first nasal spray made with the mucus busting power of horseradish and cayenne pepper. This all natural formula also contains wintergreen and eucalyptus for the ultimate nasal clearing experience.

Sinus Plumber is guaranteed to provide relief in 30 seconds for symptoms related to allergies, sinus infections, headaches and more. Sinus Plumber instantly targets a variety of sinus problems without the rebound effects associated with traditional nasal sprays.

Sinus Plumber also relieves the pain from a variety of headaches including clusters, migraines, hangovers and more. While there are a few pepper nasal sprays on the market, none of them contain wintergreen or horseradish, two very important ingredients for headache and sinus relief. Horseradish and wintergreen also provide extra relief you can't get with pepper alone. 


  1. This is the best nasal spray I ever used. It stops my migraines instantly! I swear it's a miracle. I use to use sinus buster and it helped alot but SINUS PLUMBER is a million time better. thanks!
    Margie Canto, a customer forever.

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