Father of Pepper Nasal Spray Creates First Horseradish Nasal Spray

There's a brand new nasal spray that uses a combination of horseradish and cayenne pepper to blast away headaches and sinus problems instantly. Sinus Plumber is the latest innovation from the man who invented the worlds' first pepper nasal spray back in 2003.

As the inventor of Sinus Buster, Wayne Perry is the "father of capsaicin nasal sprays", who created the brand in his kitchen and built it into a top seller in thousands of drugstores and supermarkets. After selling the Sinus Buster in 2008, Perry moved on to create a variety of "firsts" in natural health and beauty category - including pepper anti-itch spray, earthworm wrinkle cream and his most popular product, a caffeinated nasal spray called Turbo Snort.

For the past few years, Perry stayed out of the sinus business because he still owned stock in the company he sold the brand to, but after they recently sold the brand, Wayne decided to launch his latest innovation, the worlds' first horseradish nasal spray. According to Wayne, this new formula takes capsaicin nasal spray to the next level with the addition of horseradish and wintergreen.

Sinus Plumber provides faster relief with less burn than traditional capsaicin nasal sprays, and it’s far more effective for headaches, allergies, congestion and general sinus problems. Sinus Plumber is exclusively distributed by Next Level Products, Inc in an agreement with GSC Products, LLC.


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