A Brand New Anti-Aging Concept - Fresh Made Beauty

We are about to open our latest venture; "Youthful Trensds Fresh Beauty Market'. It's  the world's first Fresh Beauty Market, featuring a variety of natural plant based beauty products - made fresh daily. We offer a combination of hi-tech and old fashioned anti-aging services. We have the world's first "Beauty Deli" that offers fresh made natural beauty products in the anti-aging, skin care and cosmetics categories. We offer unique items such as natural body butters, sugar scrubs and peptide complexes. We also carry volcanic clays and earthy muds for the best anti-aging masks and facial treatments available anywhere. In addition, we sell raw ingredients and share recipes so you can make your own natural beauty formulas at home.

We carry hand made soaps and other facial cleansers, as well as natural bulk supplements and protein powders at half the price of any competitor. We also carry bulk mineral makeup that can be mixed on our premisis for the perfect color to match your skin. We also make our own proprietary frsh made beauty products for a variety of skin conditions - al in a traditional Deli style setting. We feature items such as Fizzy Bath Bomb Cupcakes and Body Butter Truffles that all look good enough to eat, but thet're made for your skin - not your stomach. We also make facial Sundaes using fresh fruits, anti-oxidants and organic yogurt - serrved up in a parfait style container.

We also offer LED Phototherapy for anti-aging, acne and rosacea along with traditional indoor tanning and professionally applied airbrush tanning. In addition, we have FDA approved Vitamin D therapy stations and private infrared saunas for weight loss and pain management. We also carry top skin care and beauty products for 50% less than any competitor.

Soon we will be selling our unique fresh made beauty products on line at http://www.freshbeautymarket.com/

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