Winter Itch Hits 50 Million Americans But Hot Peppers May Be The Answer

Winter weather brings the dreaded "winter itch" to more than 50 million Americans. As winter approaches, cold air brings lower humidity that dries the skin and leads to itching and irritation, a condition known as winter pruritus or winter itch. Cold weather makes healthy skin sick by causing dryness, chapping and cracking. Winter weather also worsens pre-existing skin conditions such as dermatitis, eczema and psoriasis. Winter pruritus generally occurs on the face, legs, arms and hands, but the face and hands get the worst of it since they are the most unprotected body parts.

People of all ages suffer from winter pruritus, but as skin gets older the condition becomes worse with every new season. As we age, the odds of developing winter pruritus increases dramatically because the outer layers tend to dry out and crack more easily over time. Hormonal changes also occur as we get older and this aggravates winter skin conditions even more.

Winter itch can also be aggravated by chemical agents such as soaps and other detergents -- especially on the hands. As people move from warm indoor air to cold outdoor air, skin pores suffer from extreme changes that lead to unhealthy skin conditions.

Now there is finally an answer to winter itching and it comes from nature's own hot peppers. Hot peppers have been proven to stop skin irritation and itching while also regulating topical moisture during low humidity conditions spawned by winter weather. The active ingredient in hot peppers is capsaicin, and it's been proven to rejuvenate skin by increasing blood flow and desensitizing nerve fibers. Capsaicin also depletes natural chemicals that cause topical irritation and swelling, and it promotes new cell growth.

Our new capsaicin skin spray uses the power of hot peppers to stop winter itching and cold weather irritation without chemicals or steroids. ThermaSkin® anti-itch spray creates a thermal layer of protection that penetrates the epidermis with capsaicin, the natural heat component of hot peppers. This all natural capsaicin skin spray applies the healing abilities of hot peppers in a non-burning formulation that is guaranteed to stop itching in less than a minute.

ThermaSkin® spray combines capsaicin with Green Tea, Yuzu Oil, Kola Nut, Caffeine, Alpha Lipoic Acid and Vegetable Glycerin to replenish the skin with healing moisturizers. The results are noticeable right away and you feel it working on contact.

Greensations brand skin sprays are available at select retailers including salons, spas, drug stores and online retailers. For more information, visit the official Greensations website. Samples are available for qualified media and medical personnel upon request.


  1. My wife and I both get itchy skin every winter and cortizone is the only thing that has helped, but never all the way. Now my wife has been diagnosed with Lupus and her doctor says she should not use cortizone for extended periods because of her condition. She is on prednizone for short periods of time and cannot be on any other steroids. I'm hoping your capsaicin skin spray can help her itching. I have cleared it with the doctor who says it should be safe for my wife. I was wondering if you have other customers who have Lupus?

  2. Yes we do have customers with Lupus and they all swear by ThermaSkin. We stand by our money back guarantee and so you have nothing to lose. ThermaSkin really works and you should try it.