Kidney Patients Praising ThermaSkin Anti-Itch Spray

The National Kidney Foundation estimates 35 million Americans suffer from chronic kidney disease, a number that grows every year. Symptoms of early kidney disease are usually subtle, so most people don't know something is wrong until their kidneys begin to fail. The only sure way to diagnose the disease is with blood and urine tests, but there are a few symptoms that can be tell tale signs of emerging kidney problems.

Aside from changes in urination and swelling from fluid retention, most kidney patients complain of severe chronic itching. As unfiltered waste builds up in the body, the immune system reacts by triggering nerve responses that cause itching. The severity of itching increases as the condition worsens, particularly in the days before and after dialysis treatments.

The National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases (NIDDK), recommends capsaicin creams as an effective skin care regimen to help relieve itching associated with kidney disease, but capsaicin creams are meant to relieve pain and they are too hot for basic itch relief. Now there's a new anti-itch product made with the essence of hot peppers, that targets chronic itching without any burn, and kidney patients are praising this new anti-itch spray as the silver bullet for kidney related itching.

Our ThermaSkin anti-itch spray is an all natural formula made with capsaicin and other herbals, to help increase topical blood flow and desensitize nerve fibers. Although ThermaSkin spray contains hot pepper extract, the dosage is so small that there is no burning sensation. This unique formula is guaranteed to stop severe itching in less than a minute for most users.

When we launched ThermaSkin, our demographic was anyone with itchy irritated skin. Numerous studies have proved that capsaicin provides natural relief for a variety of common skin conditions, but we never thought about kidney disease until we started hearing from people around the world. Suddenly we began receiving messages from kidney patients praising ThermaSkin as the ultimate itch stopper. Finally there's an answer for kidney patients suffering from chronic itching and it's all possible thanks to the power of the pepper.


  1. I found the Thermaskin itch spray posted in a thread on Ihatedialysis.com. I have tried lots of anti-itch products and was hesitant but I used the special kidney code coupon I found on the dialysis website. This is the first thing that ever worked for me and it worked the first time I used it. Every dialysis patient should know about this product.
    Lisa Billings

  2. Glad to hear the goodness of thermaskin itch spray from you Lily.

  3. I've been on dialysis treatments for 10 years and my itching has been ongoing. No prescription medicine ever worked for me but your Thermaskin roll-on has been a life savor. Thanks so much! It really works.

  4. I have talked to a couple dozen kidney dialysis patients who swear by thermaskin. i bought some a week ago and in only two days of using it I have no more itching. OMG! It works for real!

  5. Where can you purchase this product. How long does it last? Do you lose a lot of it because it is a spray?
    Daughter of a dialysis patient with extreme itching

  6. Thanks for the awesome comments. You can purchase ThermaSkin at www.Greensations.com or from a variety of natural stores and websites which can also be found on our website. Please pass the word about our capsaicin skin care products.

  7. The product lasts two months for most people.

  8. I have to keep my potassium levels low due to CKD..I notice it has potassium in the product. Would that effect my numbers increasing?

    Thank you

    1. First - sorry we missed this comment and it took so long to respond. Anyway, the potassium in this is an organic salt called potassium sorbate and different from the potassium you are concerned with. Either way, the amount of potassium sorbate is less than 1% and therefore very tiny - so it would not effect your levels. That being said, you should check with your doctor before using anything because of your medical circumstances.

      You should know that we have hundreds of kidney patients that swear by Thermaskin and none have had any problems with this all natural topical.

      Check Thermaskin out at http://www.greensations.com/ThermaSkin-Capsaicin-Anti-Itch-Skin-Spray-p/ypc-5xce.htm