Rare Ocean Organism is Fountain of Youth for Skin

Youthful Trends Natural Cosmetics
Our latest anti-aging product features an unusual extract derived from a very rare organism that lives in the deepest thermal portals of the ocean. Originating in the extreme heat of deep sea hydrothermal vents, Thermus Thermophilus is an astonishing microorganism that thrives in environments once considered too hostile for any life. This organism thrives in high temperatures (70°C/158°F) and pressures up to 400 times greater than the atmospheric pressure. Thermus Thermophilus also thrives in high concentrations of sulfur and heavy metals, along with extremely low oxygen levels. In order to survive, these organisms have equipped themselves with incredibly effective defense mechanisms that have the ability to protect and repair cells that have been exposed to the worst case scenarios temperature fluctuation and reduced oxygen levels.

We've partnered with a company that has harnessed the power of Thermus Thermophilus in a clear extract that can be utilized in topical skin care products. Through biotechnology, Venuceane™ (pronounced "ven-ew-she-n") harnesses the power of Thermus Thermophilus to bring its benefits to human skin.
Venuceane™ is a hydroglycolic solution obtained by a process of fermentation based culturing to create a heat-stable enzyme complex. In use, it affords the dual advantage of being heat activated and UV-resistant, even under real climatic conditions, in vivo. Venuceane™ potentiates the self-protective capability of the skin, generating a flexible and modulated response to aggression, while the active substance is stable and almost inexhaustible, compared to the alternatives (vitamins, polyphenols, SOD). It prevents the visible signs of photo-ageing (spots, wrinkles, dryness), protects cell structures from UV damage and reinforces skin integrity.

Our new Youthful Trends Anti-Aging Serum features Venuceane™, Matrixly™ 3000, Caffeine and Capsaicin in a 100% natural solution that wipes away wrinkles and repairs damaged skin with immediately noticeable results. We also plan to add Venucean and Matrixyl 3000 to our Youthful Trends caffeinated makeup primer. Look for the new Youthful Trends Anti-Aging Serum in September. Stay updated by visiting www.Greensations.com and www.YouthfulTrends.com. Free preview samples are available for qualified medial and media personnel upon request.

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