Youthful Trends Mineral Makeup From Greensations

We are finally about to launch the Youthful Trends mineral makeup line. This is the best natural mineral makeup in the world. It goes on light and smooth, and the colors are perfect for every skin tone. We also carry an awesome set of primers that soften lines and allow the makeup to adhere flawlessly. Unlike the big brands that are only semi-natural, Youthful Trends is completely natural and contains no bismuth, parabens or talc. It is also not made of micronized particles which bigger brands tend to be.

Major mineral makeup brands are processed in huge batches, often in other countries such as China. When mineral makeup is processed in large batches, manufacturers use fillers such as talc which are cheap and not good for skin. Youthful Trends products do not use any fillers. that's why our makeup wears better and looks better than the big brands.

Check Greensations.com and YouthfulTrends.com in the next week or so to see our new mineral makeup line.

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