Caffeine is proven to penetrate the layers of skin when applied topically, and when it's mixed with capsaicin (the natural heat component of hot peppers), caffeine also acts as a carrier for a variety of herbal extracts and essential oils.

While topical caffeine alone can penetrate deeply through the epidermis, when it's combined with capsaicin, the result is absolutely incredible. Capsaicin desensitizes nerve endings while promoting improved circulation and permeability, and it reduces inflammation and itching within seconds, but when you combine it with caffeine, the natural extract of hot peppers also acts as a carrier for additional ingredients, including herbal extracts, essential oils and antioxidants.

Greensations brand body sprays harness the natural power of caffeine and capsaicin to increase topical circulation while trigggering nerve endings to reduce inflammation and irritation. The combination of both ingredients provides a real breakthrough in modern skin care. While capsaicin is associated with burning, when it's applied in small doses in combination with caffeine, the result is immediate relief for a variety of skin and scalp conditions. Whether you suffer from dermatitis, eczema, pruritus, acne, dandruff or hair loss, Greensations body sprays give immediate relief without chemicals or steroids to relieve a variety of common skin conditions.

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