Caffeinated Capsaicin Body Spray Reverses Tinea Versicolor

Our company, GSC Products has filed for patents on the world's first line of Caffeinated Capsaicin skin care products based on open label studies using a combination of caffeine and capsaicin designed for topical application to skin. In certain combinations, our researchers have found that capsaicin and caffeine can dramatically increase topical blood flow and absorption throughout the epidermis, leading to natural skin cell and hair follicle regeneration.

The results lead to immediate relief for topical itching, inflammation and general irritation without the use of added chemicals including medications and steroids. Although both active ingredients (caffeine and capsaicin) have positive topical benefits on their own, the combination of both ingredients creates a super permeability through many layers of skin that cannot be achieved when the ingredients are applied separateley.

Caffeine significantly increases topical absorption while also energizing skin cells to regenerate at incredible rates. Capsaicin increases blood flow and desensitizes nerve endings to promote a regrowth of skin cells and a reduction of inflammation and pain. When both ingredients are combined in specific increments, the result is a formulation that reduces topical skin irritation while also promoting healthy new cell growth. Whether you suffer from general itching and irritation or damaged old skin, our exclusive caffeinated capsaicin formulas repair the skin pores and hair follicles upon the very first application. Best of all our products do not contain steroids or harmful chemicals.

Aside from healing topical skin conditions including itching, inflammation, dry skin and wrinkles, Greensations caffeinated capsaicin skin care products also kill bacteria associated with fungal skin infections such as Tinea Versicolor. Our Greensations body sprays stop fungal infections in their tracks, and the results are visible within five days.

Tinea Versicolor is a topical fungal infection associated with tanning and sweating. This condition affects millions of people who tan indoors and outdoors, as well as people who spend time outdoors or in physical situations, like working out in gyms or playing sports. Tinea Versicolor creates white spots throughout the skin in the form of rings that are closely associated with Ring Worm bacteria. Informal studies using our caffeinated capsaicin formulas have shown a 100% cure rate in more than 30 volunteers over a seven day period.

If you have Tinea Versicolor or any topical fungal infection that nothing else has worked on, you really should try our Greensations ThermaSkin because it really works. Guaranteed!


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