The Answer To Dry Skin Is Just A Spray Away

Dry skin is a chronic problem for millions of people, especially during the winter months. While many people use messy lotions and ointments to help keep skin pliable and soft, creamy applications can also cause adverse conditions that lead to clogged pores and blemishes which can worsen over all skin conditions. Creams and lotions also fail to penetrate the top layer of skin so you end up applying them regularly just to try and ward off dry skin.

Researchers at Greensations have come up with an answer to preventing and relieving dry skin by using atomized sprays that use small doses of natural caffeine and capsaicin as carriers to penetrate several layers of skin upon application. The result is improved topical blood flow and circulation which causes skin cells to regenerate with new cell growth. The capsaicin and caffeine also reduce inflammation and irritation by triggering the nerve receptors within the edpidermis.

In addition, Greensations body sprays use Alpha Lipoic Acid, natural vegetable glycerin, antioxidants and exotic herbal extracts to rejuvenate the skin and scalp to promote healthy pores and follicles. If you have any skin or scalp condition that causes irritation and itching, you should really try Greensations body sprays. Each formulation is 100% natural and backed by a 100% money back guarantee.

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