Greensations Capsaicin Body Sprays Stop Bed Bugs With Hot Peppers

Greensations skin sprays are known to stop itching fast, and this includes itching from bed bug bites, but did you know our formulas also deter bed bugs without using harmful chemicals or leaving any unwanted residue? That's right, the capsaicin in Greensations body sprays also deters bed bugs. We've done testing using live bed bugs, and when they are sprayed directly with any of our sprays, the bed bugs become disoriented and some eventually die off. While the capsaicin (hot pepper extract) in Greensations body sprays does not burn humans, it does cause a toxic effect in bed bugs. We suggest spraying your bed and areas where bed bugs congregate with ThermaFeet because that formula contains double the capsaicin of our other Greensations sprays. If you're staying in a hotel, spray your bedding, clothing and luggage with ThermaFeet to stop bed bugs from coming home with you.

Bed Bugs have recently come back on the scene. Check out this NY Times article.
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