Stop Any Itch Instantly With Hot Peppers & No Burn

Capsaicin is the active heat component of hot peppers and it's been proven to relieve a variety of health problems including: poor circulation, chronic pain, nasal allergies and sinusitis. Over the past decade, dozens of popular and effective capsaicin products have hit the market, targeting everything from arthritis to headaches. Now there is a growing trend to use capsaicin for topical skin care and scalp care. There are a handful of capsaicin shampoos, conditioners, soaps, creams and sprays that use the power of the pepper and the market is growing fast.

For topical conditions, Capsaicin works on several levels when it comes in contact with the skin. Normally, people associate capsaicin with a burning sensation when applied to the skin, but that only holds true with potent arthritis creams. New capsaicin skin care products do not burn because they use tiny doses of the extract to deliver big results.

When nerve endings come in contact with small amounts of capsaicin, they signal the brain to release chemicals that reduce inflammation and pain, just as they would with larger doses. So when capsaicin is topically applied in small amounts, it retains its healing properties without any burning sensation. In addition, capsaicin triggers the body to increase blood flow to promote natural healing on the skin surface and within the epidermal layers. This is especially important for healing injuries and environmental damage from pollution, sun and winter weather. Capsaicin is also a powerful anti-microbial that destroys bacteria in clogged skin pores and hair follicles.

The latest trend for topical capsaicin is with skin and scalp care products that target a variety of conditions including acne, dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis and even dandruff. Aside from its healing properties, capsaicin also creates super permeability through the skin surface that penetrates the epidermis. This makes capsaicin an excellent carrier for proven skin care ingredients that cannot penetrate the skin on their own.

Perhaps the greatest topical attribute of capsaicin is its ability to stop itching when applied in tiny doses. Known in the medical world as Pruritus, itching is both a symptom and a cause of many skin ailments. The more a person itches, the more they scratch and the worse their condition becomes. Unfortunately, many skin and scalp conditions cause itching that leads to a chronic cycle of sick skin. From bug bites to eczema, the key to fast healing is to stop the itch so the condition can heal naturally, and capsaicin is the only known natural substance that can effectively do this every time.

Small doses of capsaicin will stop itching faster and more effectively than traditional pharmaceuticals without harmful chemicals. If you want to stop any topical itch without using steroids and various medications - then capsaicin is your answer. Obviously you can't put straight capsaicin or even pepper juice on your skin without feeling a burn, but when you mix tiny amounts of hot pepper extracts in water based formulas, it's possible to deliver the anti-itch properties of capsaicin without any burning sensation.

Greensations® brand capsaicin skin sprays are the world's first anti-itch pepper based formulas that instantly target topical itching and irritation on the skin and scalp without any discomfort. ThermaScalp, ThermaSkin and ThermaFeet each use an exclusive combination of special pepper extracts along with other proven herbals and antioxidants to stop any itch in under a minute. If you suffer from any kind of skin irritation or itching, you really should try Greensations body sprays. We guarantee you'll stop that itch fast or we'll give your money back.

Guaranteed Conditions Include:




Dry Skin

Bug Bites

Winter Itch

Biker's Itch (Monkey Butt)

Diabetic Itch


Healing itch (The itch sensation as skin heals from various abrasions and injuries)

Jock Itch

Anal Itch

Athlete's Feet

If you suffer from chronic itching that makes your condition worse, try Greensations and you won't be disappointed. Visit Greensations.com for more information about our "Itch test" guarantee.

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