Skin Care Tips & Tricks

Here's some common sense rules to live by so you can manage your skin and keep it healthy.
1: Soaps & cleansers are a must, but many popular cleansers contain harsh detergents like sodium lauryl sulfate, that strip skin of vital lipids. Most people figure if their cleanser is making lots of suds, it’s doing it’s job. Unfortunately, lots of suds usually mean your cleanser contains SLS. Look for cleansers that don’t contain SLS or other chemicals. Look for soaps that contain fatty acids and natural moisturizers. You don’t need lots of suds to clean your skin.

2. Don’t over-spend on skin care products with fancy names and exclusive distribution. Truthfully, the best skin doesn’t come at a high cost. Many drug store brands and smaller companies make products under $20.00 that are equal to, or better than the most expensive $50.00 plus brands.

3: Stop getting facials and exfoliating your skin. Unless you have certain skin diseases, exfoliation tends to do more damage than it does good. And facials have been shown to cause allergic topical reactions. Studies show that nearly 80% of people break out after a facial. Many facial formulas contain oils and other ingredients that promote acne and inflammation. Facials and regular exfoliation can cause long term damage to skin that makes you look older - sooner.

4: Don’t get too much sun. Use sunscreen everyday if you spend any more than a few minutes in the direct sunlight. Also wear hats that can block the sun and sit under a patio umbrella instead of sitting right in the sun. It only takes a few minutes of direct sunlight everyday to amount to future damage as you get older. Tanning under lights is also a no-no if you want to keep your skin looking and feeling younger - longer.

5: Wash or rinse your face well after shampooing in conditioning your hair because shampoos and conditioners tend to contain the most harmful chemicals such as SLS and SLES. Also look for shampoos and conditioners that don’t contain sulfates and harsh preservatives.

6: Live a clean life. Exercise and eat well. Excessive alcohol use and smoking can due great damage to skin over time. Interestingly, ingesting too much caffeine can dry out your skin, but the topical application of
caffeine is actually good for your skin.

7: Expose your problem skin areas to low doses of
Capsaicin, the active component of hot peppers. Capsaicin is especially good for increasing topical blood flow and circulation, as well as fighting inflammation and pain. Most people think of highly concentrated capsaicin arthritis creams, but those are only meant for severe pain. www.Greensations.com

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